Who We Are?

Our provider

Melissa Johnston-Enzor has been helping children, teens, adults and couples be the best version of themselves, build communication and overcome challenges for over 25 years.  She has worked in a variety of settings including schools, mental health agencies, foster care and private practice. 


Her style is relaxed, and she has a natural way of making others feel comfortable as she creates a safe space for people to process their emotions and challenges in a judgement free zone. 

She graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work and a specialization in children and families in 1997. 

Change is Coming

I believe that a SHIFT is waiting to happen! Your Purpose, Your Life’s Meaning is yours to declare and fully Embody.
You are meant to BE here! If you feel otherwise, or someone has told you otherwise, for whatever reason, Your Being is asking you for a slight change in direction or position, that is what we call a SHIFT!
Allow me the privilege to join you on this magnificent journey into Being You! One SHIFT at a time.
I look forward to helping you bounce back as you shift. I believe you will have the strength, tenacity and boldness to come back from anything life brought and you will return better than you were before!


You’ve experienced some things in life which were designed to push you past your limits and take you out.
Sometimes it was as simple as the pressures of day to day challenges we will all face. However, if you will take a second to rethink your perspective. It was designed to prepare you for your bounce back. Could it have been engineered to give you the grit, courage, fearlessness to comeback 10 times stronger. A bounce back is defined as returning to success after a difficult situation or experience.
The truth is, no matter who we are, we are all bouncing back from something; whether it was death of a loved one, betrayal from a friend, loss of a business or job, or the mental battle of depression.
This is the year of your Bounce Back where you will pursue, overtake, & recover all. You will not look like what you’ve been through, and you won’t smell like smoke from the fire. You went in one way, but you are coming out as pure as gold. Your trial produced something in you that will cause you to bounce back.
Let’s get started in working together to overcome.  Schedule today!

Our Core Values

Meet people where they are at and allow for change at their desired speed.  While creating a judgement free, safe space to allow for change. 

Make time to feel better