Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support

I get it looking for a therapist that understands what is going on with you and your loved one. It can be overwhelming. You already have a hard time finding friends that understand, you don’t need to explain your experience to your therapist as well. I understand what it is like to take care of a loved one with with Dementia or Alzheimer’s twenty-four hours a day.  

I understand the exhaustion, isolation, the frustration and the confusion. The judgement that you may be feeling when you are doing your best. The stress when things aren’t going well and the isolation in your experience. I know the struggles of being a caregiver and how to deal with tough times with your loved one.

I’m here. I give you a place where someone understands, where you can get the support you need and where you can get the help you need to feel like you can do what you need to.

Whether you are feeling so burnt-out that you are experiencing depression and anxiety or just feeling lost and overwhelmed. I give you a peaceful place to get back to yourself. To find ways to care for you as well as everyone else so that you aren’t overcome with exhaustion and you can do what you need to for the long haul.  

I give you a place and time to focus on you so that you can heal if needed and then get your focus back to your family. I will give you a safe space with options to figure out the best ways to move forward for your family.  

As a caregiver of a loved one living with dementia and someone who has worked with families like yours as both a caretaker, therapist, and supporter I know what you are going through. I know what it is like to have sleepless nights, to worry that your loved ones behavior and overall functioning will get worse and to just not know what the future is going to bring. On top of that I have over twenty five years experience as a therapist which allows me to really be able to help you find the best ways to meet your goals for yourself and your family.

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